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Club Radio Room
 Phone with Voice Mail:     704-972-3502


Picture of club radio.

Picture of antennas atop Salvation Army building.







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The Charlotte Amateur Radio Club - W4CQ
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05/29/2013 03:00:19 PM

Work on new 440 repeater for tall tower.
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More photos of new repeater

NC QSO Party

More Photos of QSO Party

  • Upcoming Events:

  • Every Thursday at 7:30 PM - OPEN HOUSE - Come by for a visit!

Membership renewal is due in January. Renewal Application           

For more information about the club, send e-mail to w4cq@w4cq.us

The Charlotte Amateur Radio Club is a general-interest club which meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM. The normal meeting location is at The Salvation Army Division Headquarters at 501 Archdale Drive in Charlotte, near I-77 Exit 4 (Nations Ford Road). There is a permanent club station at this location with HF and VHF capability.

The club sponsors 3 repeaters, participates in several public service events each year (such as the Charlotte Observer Race Festival and the Latta Park Triathlon), and participates in Field Day each June. We have an annual picnic in October and a Christmas party each December.

The club call, W4CQ, originally belonged to Earle Gluck. Earle was involved in radio almost from the beginning, and was instrumental in getting broadcasting station WBT in Charlotte on the air. Wilford L Eury - N4MD  is the station license trustee.

For more information about the club, send e-mail to w4cq@w4cq.us

A printable application for membership is now online.

2 0 13  Club Officers

wilford.JPG (70269 bytes)

  Wilford L Eury - N4MD


Vice President

Joe Ducar  KJ4QFV

christmas_party3.jpg (150622 bytes) 

Gary Christian - W4GDC


PICT0020.JPG (115056 bytes) 
 Jerry Henderson - W1JER
wilford.JPG (70269 bytes)

Station License Trustee: 
Wilford L Eury - N4MD

PICT0045.JPG (132499 bytes) 
 Mack Johnson - W4ZFD


147.06 (-600 KHz) WB4ETF 
On the air at Well Fargo II (400 ft)

   444.675 (+5.0 MHz)  - W4WBT 
400 ft Charlotte

 444.45 (+5.0 MHz)  PL 82.5   W4CQ
 Channel 36 tower in Dallas. (1500ft)

222.420 (-4.0Mhz) - PL 82.5 KA4WMZ  
Channel 36 Tower in Dallas  (1500 ft)
Joint project with KA4YMY


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